Our story

CarricHouse builds by the idea and devotion of our three sisters. Like the love we received in our homes and the study journey we experienced in Melbourne, we decided to share that with everyone who is far away from their homes. CarricHouse shares your emotional.

CarricHouse builds up to help students in building up their career. Living away from home is stressful, and most of the students remain busy in setting the environment for fulfilling basic living needs. It can affect their studies , so we take the pain of setting the home-like environment so you could only focus on your studies and wonderful university life. Stay focused on your mission, so do we to make your living experience memorable.

You with us, you are part of CarricHouse Family now, let us take care of you.

Welcome to your home away from home
We’re committed to your comfort 

Home is where our story begins, and this is the main reason we aimed to provide a home feeling accommodation to both local international students.

Get a warm and friendly feeling to empower you when you are away from home. You realize that you are not alone because a piece of you will consistently be somewhere else, in individuals and places. CarricHouse makes you feel like home and try every possibility to join the scattered pieces with care and love. 

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Located on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, within walking distance of all major city-based Universities and language schools., making access to free city tram, garden cafes, and Queen Victoria market easy for students to access.

Besides taking care of physical health, we plan to boost up the student’s emotional health by arranging get-togethers, bbq, movie night, and cultural nights, etc. You might have heard hostels for pathetic rooms, tasteless food, and strict wardens, but after living in CarricHouse, you gonna remember it forever for the family it gives and memories you live.

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