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Being grown up in a loving family and then deciding on getting the best studies but far from home is a tough but excitingdecision. Melbourne is the top destination in studies for international students. So as an investment in our future, we never thought of leaving our best places and moments of the past. When we shifted to Melbourne from China, faced many problems at the start. At the same time, we fell in love with Melbourne multicultural environment. Met lots of different friends from different culture and experienced a fun study life.Our experiences triggered an enthusiasm in us to help others in issues we faced and encourage students to adapt this new life with zeal and enjoy Melbourne.

CarricHouse builds by the idea and devotion of our three sisters. Like the love we received in our homes, we decided to share that with everyone who is far away from their homes. CarricHouse shares your emotional and financial burden and acts as a bridge to help you go on and on.

CarricHouse builds up to help students in building up their career. Living away from home is stressful, and most of the students remain busy in setting the environment for fulfilling basic living needs. It can affect their studies, so we take the pain of setting the home-like environment so you could only focus on your studies. Stay focused on your mission, so do we to make your living experience memorable.


Read reviews of our Past Stuidents

  • We are a group of 4 friends and can't live without each other. The places we checked before having no rooms in which we four could live together. Finally, we found you. A second home for us. Our belongings are secure, can do laundry whenever we want. And finally the most crucial thing the wifi. Life is good :)
    Katarina Johnes
  • The hostel staff is amiable and helpful with every matter. So much advantage regarding social activities, clean kitchen, dine in with friends, and entertaining environment in the lounge. After a tiring day at the office, I feel blessed to have an environment like home.
    Amy Adas
  • On the recommendation of my companion Julia, who suggested me living CarricHouse, I am finally happy living in Melbourne. At the point when I initially moved to Melbourne, I was inhabiting a place far away from my college. Presently residing at this spot made it simple for me to go to uni and market. Additionally, individual supplies like material holder/bureau, personal light for late-night examines/work, and indoor games/exercises satisfy my every need.
    Tony Johnson
  • The staffs are super friendly. Residences are students and really nice. The room provided is comfortable. And the location is quite convenient because it is near the city centre.
  • It is really the great place to make friends around the world. The staff in Ozihouse is super friendly. Location is very good, because it near to free tram zone and the rooms provided are very comfortable.
  • The good service and humanity. Changjin Lee, the Administrative Coordinator, is the one who benefits Ozihouse not only for the pro and good service in quickly respond/meet the requirement but, also for the humanity and sympathy given that …
    saigon mygia
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